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Shaping the future of Edinburgh: 2050 City Vision


Published By Crush Admin on 27/03/2017

Edinburgh’s businesses, residents and stakeholders have been asked to share their vision for the city’s future. The 2050 Edinburgh City Vision will look at the varied needs of the city, to make sure it continues to be a great place to live, work and visit.

The vision for Edinburgh’s future will be based on the aspirations of people of all ages who live, work or study in the city and feed into a long-term strategy and investment for the city.

Findings Published Next Summer

The consultation will continue until December 2017 and invites everyone who has an interest in Edinburgh to share their views on how the capital should be shaped in the future. At the end of the consultation, a report will be drafted based on all the feedback received. Once this document has been agreed, it will be published next year.

Get involved by answering three questions

Anyone who lives, works or studies in Edinburgh can share their views by answering three online questions:

• What’s great about Edinburgh?

• What could be better?

• What would you like Edinburgh to be like in 2050?

People can also go on twitter and use the hashtag #Edinburgh2050.

Create a city of innovation and opportunity

To create this vision for the city will require all residents, businesses and groups from all sectors to come together to agree how they want Edinburgh to be in the future. Initial feedback has already shown that people want Edinburgh to be a city of innovation, opportunity with no barriers to achievement.

There will be workshops and activities organised across the city to involve the community, local schools and minority groups.

To find out more about this project and to share your vision on the future of Edinburgh, visit

Already the best place to live

Edinburgh has already been ranked the best place to live in UK, according to a 2015 quality of life index put together by USwitch. Researchers evaluated 138 places on 26 different subjects such as exam results, employment, average gross income, house prices, average weekly rents, crime rates, energy prices and even the amount of sunshine an area gets. Also taken into account were working hours and life expectancy.

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