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See the Scottish National Portrait Gallery


Published By royalscotsclub on 22/02/2016

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery is based in one of Edinburgh’s most iconic buildings and a visit gives you the chance to enjoy some of the finest Scottish art and experience Scottish history in photography, sculpture and film. The Gallery is less than 5 minutes walk from The Royal Scots Club. 

You will find portraits of many of Scotland’s most famous people from Mary, Queen of Scots and Bonnie Prince Charlie to more contemporary figures such as Susan Boyle and James McAvoy. The Collection is housed in a recently refurbished 19th century building and it incorporates a specific Photography Gallery and an atmosphere Victorian Library exhibition space.

The building has a beautiful and stylish Arts and Crafts decorative feel and the building is as much a work of art as many of the exhibits, with striking friezes, murals and sculptural embellishment adding even more to your visit to the gallery.

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery has a wide range of different long-term exhibitions and several special exhibitions that are only there in the short term. The special exhibitions at present include:

BP Portrait Award 2015

Until 28th February, the BP Portrait Award 2015 can be enjoyed for free at the National Portrait Gallery. It showcases the very best in contemporary portrait painting from around the world and this is the sixth time the Scottish gallery has hosted the Award and you can experience some of the most stylish and original contemporary portraits in the modern art world.

Document Scotland

Running 24th April for free the Document Scotland: The Ties That Bind exhibition is a photographic collection that brings together the works of four Scots-born photographers. Colin McPherson, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, Sophie Gerrard and Stephen McLaren’s work is displayed in this exhibition that has previously been published in many international magazines and newspapers and has featured previous in other exhibitions around the UK. There are 75 photographs in the collection which are all of and about Scotland and feature its people.

The UNTITLED | Bad Entertainment

From 30th January until 8th May The UNTITLED Bad Entertainment exhibition is a collection of contemporary pieces created by ‘the next generation’ of artists. It has been created by young people who were asked to create the kind of art they would like to see, based on the ideas and inspiration of contemporary artists. Young people from Alloa, Irvine and Edinburgh have contributed to this exhibition.

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery has regularly changing exhibitions and is a way of experiencing a real taste of the Scottish art scene.

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