RSC Bespoke Slippers Cypher


These smoking slippers are World famous not just for their comfort but for their style. Each pair is hand-made from finest leather, sumptuous velvet and satin quilt, expertly cut out and lasted using traditional established methods over three hundred years old. With leather soles these velvet shoes can be worn inside or outside.

RS Umbrella, print, slippers and silk scarfrsc-bespoke-slippers


Our beautiful Club slippers are handmade by the famous Shipton & Heneage who were founded in the 1980s.

These luxury bespoke handmade slippers are their most distinctive product. Beautifully made each pair is a work of art, quite literally. The Royal Scots cypher is transformed into a hand-stitched pattern using coloured threads and wires and sewn onto the best quality velvet uppers. These are then made into slippers with leather soles and are worn by a huge range of followers from high court judges, to celebrities and frequently seen around town, worn not just with dinner jackets and smoking jackets but also with jeans!

Most Ladies & Gents sizes are available, including ½ sizes. Your choice of velvet or tartan outer in various colours and inner lining also in your choice of colours.

Once you have purchased these slippers, a member of the team will be in touch to arrnage the customisiation for you. 

These slippers are handmade so please allow 10-12 weeks order time.

Additional Information

Outer colour

Black, Brown, Green, Hunting Stewart tartan, Navy, Red, Regal (royal purple), Wine

Colour of lining

Black, Blue, Gold, Red


Gents – 10, Gents – 10.5, Gents – 11, Gents – 11.5, Gents – 12, Gents – 5, Gents – 5.5, Gents – 6, Gents – 6.5, Gents – 7, Gents – 7.5, Gents – 8, Gents – 8.5, Gents – 9, Gents – 9.5, Ladies – 2, Ladies – 2.5, Ladies – 3, Ladies – 3.5, Ladies – 4, Ladies – 4.5, Ladies – 5, Ladies – 5.5, Ladies – 6, Ladies – 6.5, Ladies – 7, Ladies – 7.5, Ladies – 8