‘Not for Glory Nor Riches’ by Roddy Martine


‘Not for Glory Nor Riches’ One Hundred Years of The Royal Scots Club by Roddy Martine



The RSC’s Centenary book.

Not for Glory Nor Riches is so much more than just the inspiring story of a military Club which has adapted with modern times without losing sight of its original purpose – that of being a memorial to the soldiers for whom it was named. It is also a lively history that features some of the greatest characters of Scotland’s capital as well as Club members, visitors and those who have worked hard to make it a huge success today.

Every member of the Club is entitled to a free copy of the book, however we do ask that the book is collected from the Club. For those unable to collect the book, £10.00 postage is payable. To arrnage to purchase a copy this way please contact Ayesha on 0131 556 4270 or events@royalscotsclub.com