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‘Military Service and Health’ – Evening Lecture

05/11/2018 7.00pm

Published By Members Admin on 16/05/2018

Evening Lecture with Dr Beverly Bergman

Monday 5th November,  7.00pm

Dr Beverly Bergman was an Army doctor until her retirement from the Service in 2012, when she embarked on a research project at the University of Glasgow to look at what happens to the health of military veterans in the longer term.  Are they fitter and healthier than people who have never been in the Armed Forces, or do ‘lifestyle’ factors such as smoking and alcohol catch up with them in later life?  Or is it all about mental health?  Is longer service better or worse for health?  Working with data drawn from the computerized health records of nearly a quarter of a million people in Scotland, including 57,000 veterans who served between 1960 and 2012, she has been able to demonstrate what happens to veterans, in comparison with people who have never served, up to 50 years after they leave the Service.  The results may surprise you!

To Book a place please contact Lauren in the Office on 0131 556 4270.

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