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Five Essentials for your Next Meeting


Published By Crush Admin on 04/10/2017

All businesses require meetings from time to time, whether they’re internal or with clients and customers. Once you realise the necessity of a meeting, you need to move forward and start planning and ensure you have the right setup for your meeting. Across Edinburgh meetings are scheduled every hour or every day but whether or not they’re a success depends on many things. Keep these five points in mind before planning your next Edinburgh meeting.

  1. Do you really need a meeting anyway?

Some organisations really go too far when it comes to meetings. They seem to think there needs to be a meeting for everything and schedule another meeting for every other event or every other moment. A less packed calendar can be much more effective but if you have a really pressing issue or essentials that need covering then get it organised. “Let’s have a meeting” is not the answer to everything.

  1. Be Purposeful

It is very easy for meetings to turn into free for all events or deviate from the main topic. People love to procrastinate but don’t let them. Make sure everything is fully set out before the meeting so you have an agenda to stick to. A clear agenda gives you a route to follow and ensures that you can keep everything in order and avoid any procrastination or even awkward silences.

  1. Engage with your Delegates

Whether it’s employees or clients, you need to be fully engaged with those attending your meetings. You should ask for their input into the agenda, so they feel involved and more motivated to play a role in the meeting when it takes place. What’s more sharing the agenda in advance ensures they are ready and already know what to expect when they arrive.

  1. Keep Time

Punctuality is really important especially if you’re holding a meeting. Nothing looks worse than turning up late to your own organisation. Prompt attendees and attendance and ensures that business can continue swiftly and there is no need to reiterate any key points.

  1. Keep Good Notes

Almost every meeting has at least one person who cannot attend but this shouldn’t mean they have to miss out. Documenting and sharing all the main points of the meeting to all those who should have attended goes a long way to ensuring everyone is involved and on the same page going forward.

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