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Royal Scots Club Calendar of Events 2019-2020




Sat 7th December 2019Coffee Morning:
‘How we got to the moon…’
FreeBook Here
Sat 7th December 2019Christmas Lunch and Carols £24ppBook Here
Tues 10th December 2019Christmas CocktailsFreeContact Lauren on 0131 525 5657 to book
Sat 4th January 2020Coffee Morning: ‘The First New Town of James Craig’FreeBook Here
Thur 16th January 2020Evening Lecture: ‘Dinner with Darwin’FreeBook Here
Fri 24th January 2020Burns Supper
with Professor Gerard Carruthers
£42ppBook Here
Tues 28th January 2020 Burns Lunch£24ppBook Here
Sat 1st February 2020Coffee Morning: ‘The scientific history of musical instruments’FreeBook Here
Mon 10th February 2020
Evening Lecture:
‘A Herald’s Wife’
FreeBook Here
Fri 14th February 2020 Valentines Jazz Evening£40ppBook Here
Mon 24th February 2020Speakers Lunch:
‘66 Queen Street – the house that viewed the world’
£22ppBook Here
Sat 7th March 2020Coffee Morning: ‘Scottish Tapestries’ FreeBook Here
Mon 16th March 2020Speakers Lunch:
‘Disappeared Department Stores’
£22ppBook Here
Sun 22nd March 2020Mothering Sunday Lunch£22ppContact Lauren on 0131 525 5657 to book
Mon 23rd March 2020Evening Lecture: ‘Meet Your Voice: Making Friends With Our Own Voice’FreeBook Here
Sat 4th April 2020Coffee Morning: ‘Edinburgh’s Three Cathedrals’FreeBook Here
Wed 15th April 2020RSC AGM FreeContact Lauren on 0131 525 5657 to book
Mon 27th April 2020 Special tour:
V&A Museum, Dundee
£50ppBook Here
Sat 2nd May 2020Coffee Morning: ‘Scotland’s Hidden Treasure’ FreeBook Here
Fri 15th May 2020Sons & Daughters Dinner
with Ruth Davidson
£45ppBookings opening soon
Sat 6th June 2020Coffee Morning: 'Glass & Light'FreeBook Here
Sat 20th June 2020Beating Retreat & Waterloo dinner£38ppBookings opening soon

 Please download our full calendar of events by clicking here.