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Evening Lectures 2019-2020


Everyone welcome & free to attend!


Join us for our fantastic Autumn & Spring evening lectures covering a whole host of interesting topics.

Members and non-members welcome. Free to attend but please book in advance for each talk below or by calling Lauren on 0131 525 6157.





Thursday 16th January 2020 | 7pm

Evening Lecture with Jonathan Silverton, ‘Dinner with Darwin: Food, Drink and Evolution’

All food is the product of evolution and diet has shaped our own evolution, too. Delving beneath these simple facts produces plenty to wonder at. One puzzling fact is that though we are mammals nurtured on milk, 70% of us worldwide cannot digest milk as adults. Evolutionary biology provides the answers to such puzzles. Jonathan Silverton is Professor of Evolutionary Ecology in the Institute of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Edinburgh.

Monday 10th February 2020 | 7pm

Evening Lecture with Eilean Malden, ‘A Herald’s Wife’

Eilean Malden is a graduate of Glasgow University and possibly the foremost heraldic scholar of Scottish Heraldry. Behind the scenes she has been supporting (and helping dress!) her husband, John Malden for many years as he acted as Unicorn Pursuivant at the Court of the Lord Lyon King of Arms, helping him attend the Water Pageant for HM Queen’s jubilee and various functions in Scotland. When he retired from Lyon Court and became Slains Pursuivant to the Earl of Errol she even made him a splendid new tabard. Join us to hear her fascinating perspective on being the wife of a herald.

Monday 23rd March 2020 | 7pm

Evening Lecture with Alex Owen-Hill, ‘Meet Your Voice: Making Friends With Our Own Voice’

Our voices speak volumes about us. From the moment that our newborn lungs fuelled that first ear-splitting cry to the last word we spoke today, our voices have worked tirelessly to communicate our personality with the world. And yet, most of us are increasingly disconnected from our own voices. In this lecture from award-winning professional speaker and self-professed “voice geek” Alex Owen-Hill, you will learn about the sounds, skills and science of the human voice. He’ll introduce you, for perhaps the first time in your life, to this often-overlooked symphony of muscles in the human body.