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Edinburgh’s Film Festival 2016


Published By royalscotsclub on 31/05/2016

The Edinburgh International Film Festival provides a platform for the most original and innovative films, whilst showcasing some of the most promising new talent emerging in the UK.

Each year, the Edinburgh International Film Festival welcomes a variety of industry representatives, filmmakers and the media, to enjoy a comprehensive programme of events and special screenings. This year’s festival will be its 70th year and is set to take place from 15 to 26 June 2016.

The Edinburgh International Film Festival is internationally renowned for discovering and promoting the very best in global cinema and for leading debates and changes in international filmmaking.

This year, the festival will be closing with the debut screening of a new version of the well-known Scottish comedy Whisky Galore. This highly anticipated film, written by award-winning screenwriter Peter McDougall, is based on a true story, and inspired by the 1947 novel of Sir Compton MacKenzie. The film is set during the second World War and is about the story of a shipwrecked boat, carrying cargo of exported alcohol off the coast of Eriskay. The entire film was shot on location in Scotland, and features a host of renowned Scottish actors including James Cosmo and Gregor Fisher.

The festival will also be screening two retrospectives. Look Again: A Celebration of Cinéma Du Look, will be exploring the Cinéma Du Look era of French filmmaking of the 1980s and the early 1990s. These innovative and visually striking films were an exciting new direction for French cinema and showcased performances by many French stars including Juliette Binoche, Jean Reno, Michel Piccoli Christophe Lambert and Isabelle Adjani. These films and their stars were a huge influence on international filmmaking at the time and this continues right up to today.

The second retrospective will be, POW!!! Live Action Comic Strip Adaptations: The First Generation. This will explore the evolution and widespread popularity of adapting the comic strips for the big screen. This screening will look at the roots of today’s huge flood of superhero big box office films and take a retrospective and international journey through this cult genre, examining the colourful and remarkable growth of the comic strip in film. These screenings will also be accompanied by a special and unique event that will trace the emergence of the film version of the comic strip in the 1960s, going right back to the period of the silent films. The event, ‘Origin Story’, will examine the early efforts to transfer the ideas on a page on to the cinema screen.

The full programme of events will be revealed on 26 May.

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