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How to Choose A Theme For Your Wedding


Almost 30,000 weddings took place in Scotland in 2015 and this figure is expected to be even higher this year. And while Scotland may be a wonderful setting to host a wedding, there is still so much that goes into making the day your own. Many couples often struggle with deciding on the theme for their wedding.

Your wedding theme creates the backdrop of your wedding day. From the décor, colour scheme to the favours, and even your wedding dress, all tie in to your chosen theme. So, you will want to make sure you choose the right theme that is special to you both.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing your wedding theme.

Get Inspired

If you simply don’t know where to start, then you can always begin by looking online at wedding websites, Pinterest and browse themed decorations for inspiration. Create a mood board of images you are drawn towards, to help you decide what kind of styles and colours like. You may find that many of the photos incorporate a certain colour, a particular era, or even a specific time of year.

Embrace your Venue

The Scottish wedding venue that you choose, becomes the foundation of the wedding and will determine where your celebrations will be. You will want to choose a venue that reflects you both and works for you in all aspects. The venue and the theme need to work well together and the space, landscape and features compliment your final chosen theme.

Consider Personality

Most people focus on what a wedding should look like, rather than about they actually like. Instead, focus on incorporating the things that are important to both of you, even if it’s unusual and a bit quirky. Think about what you and your spouse are like. What are your hobbies, interests and passions? Do you both love travelling? Where did you meet? Your theme should be a reflection of your personalities and the union of both your worlds.

Play to the Season

The season can play a significant role in your theme, especially with a Scottish wedding and the predictably unpredictable weather. So, if you dream of a romantic, outdoors garden wedding, then it’s best to choose a time during spring or summer. Or perhaps you particularly like autumn, so you may want reds and browns to play a major role.

Celebrate Favourites

Choosing which colours you would like to be incorporated into the day, can really help you to decide on your overall wedding theme. Think about some of your favourite colours and what styles of weddings you often see them used in. Every colour can be made to work for a wedding. You can soften colours if you wish, or go as bold and bright as you fancy.

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