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Celebrate Oktoberfest in Edinburgh 2016


Published By Crush Admin on 10/09/2016

Oktoberfest is a famous German tradition but in Edinburgh we’ve been celebrating it for many years too. Our own Edinburgh Oktoberfest is taking place on 5th until 9th October and it is a chance to enjoy German culture, music and of course, the beer. A huge street party where you can enjoy food and music and fantastic beer, Oktoberfest takes over Princes Street Gardens in the heart of the city.

The History of Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is a long held German tradition which was started over 200 years ago in Munich. It is a traditional celebration of the harvest season but it is more about the fun and frenetic atmosphere which surrounds the German culture or beer and fantastic food.

Edinburgh’s Oktoberfest has been around since 2013 and the spirit of Munich is brought to the heart of Edinburgh. The atmosphere is just like you’re in Munich and the organisers work hard to ensure it has that authentic Oktoberfest feel.

Edinburgh’s Oktoberfest Brew

Different Oktoberfest events take place around the world and many have their beer shipped straight from Munich whilst others like to create their own similar beer. The Oktoberfest beer brewed for Edinburgh is from Germany and it is brewed according to German purity laws. It has a strength of around 5% by volume so is a classic lager beer. It is only brewed for the Edinburgh event and is known as the Edinburgh Oktoberfest beer. You can’t buy it in any shop and it can only be enjoyed at the festival so that’s one good reason to attend, amongst all the others.

Anybody really looking to get into the spirit of the festival may choose to go full out and get into costumer. The Oktoberfest website has a link to a direct store for costumers and Lederhosen. It’s another bit of fun to add to your experience at Oktoberfest and you can be sure you won’t be alone.

The festival is open each evening from Wednesday to Friday, until 11pm each night and on the Saturday is has two separate sessions, from 11.30am to 4.30pm and then 5pm to 11:30pm. There is also a final day-time session on the Sunday.

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