Top Jazz & Blues Venues in Edinburgh


Jazz in Edinburgh

Visiting Edinburgh for the music scene is completely understandable. For jazz and blues fans there is famous Jazz & Blues Festival in July but there are venues across the city to keep fans satisfied for the rest of the year. The joy of such a cosmopolitan city is that there’s something for everyone and jazz and blues fans won’t feel left out. Below is a closer look at some of the best jazz and blues venues Edinburgh has to offer.

The plethora of different bars and clubs across the city makes Edinburgh a top choice for business trips and conference venues such as our own are perfectly placed to ensure access to the heart of the city’s night life. Any delegates who have a penchant for jazz will enjoy any of the venues we’ve explored below.

Whighams Jazz Club

In the heart of Edinburgh’s West End Whighams Wine Cellar has become one of the leading jazz venues in the city. It has a contemporary and modern feel as well as being home to a technologically advanced Bose PA system, which brings out the best of singers and musicians alike. Whighams is home a weekly jamming session as well as an open mic night, allowing enthusiasts and professionals alike to enjoy a wide range of different sounds, with both modern and old school jazz classics enjoyed.

Dirty Martini

The Dirty Martini Bar at Le Monde Hotel plays a huge role in the annual Jazz and Blues Festival. It is home to the Scottish Jazz Awards and Vocal Jazz Festival as well as providing a sophisticated venue for late night jazz sessions and events. The venue has a truly glamorous and 1920s feel whilst also offering a touch of the urban contemporary style which has become synonymous with modern Edinburgh. A selection of carefully crafted cocktails are available.

The Jazz Bar

It’s all in the name, Edinburgh is home to a venue simply called The Jazz Bar and of course a large proportion of their entertainment and events is jazz and blues themed. Centrally located on Chambers Street it’s easy to spot and they have a huge focus on the quality of the acts and music they play. Jazz is at the heart of it all but the venue is also proud to host other types of live music including funk, roots and blues. Gigs are playing live at The Jazz Bar seven nights a week, every week of the year so whenever your conference is, you can be sure there’ll be something worth seeing.

Voodoo Rooms

The Voodoo Rooms are located on Princes Street, another great central location. It plays host to a wide range of different events and venues and has its own stunning ballroom. It is home to the Edinburgh Blues Club which holds a popular blues night at least monthly. They bring in touring blues acts from across the country and this means blues fans will have somewhere to go.

The Jazz and Blues Festival is a huge celebration of this unique genre of music but fans visiting the city of Edinburgh can always find somewhere to listen to their favourite music.

Photo credit Adhi Rachdian

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