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Sample Wine List

White Wines

Brise de France, Sauvignon Blanc, Lanquedoc, France  - A fresh, fruity, elegant white with gentle citrus and flower flavours
GPG Garanega, Pinot Grigio, Veneto, Italy  - Squeaky clean, peach delight. Adding Garganega grapes gives Pinot Grigio grapes a bit more flavour without losing lightness. £17.95
Murphy's Unoaked Chardonnay, Big rivers, Australia - Brilliant white. Light in touch, dry, delicate but satisfying. £18.50
La Grupa Chenin/Torrontes, Mendoza, Argentina - An appealingly fruity wine. £19.50
The Cut Sauvignon Blanc, Nelson, New Zealand - This wine nails the sterotype pefrfectly. Pleanty fruit allied to plenty crispness £21.00
Picpoul de Pinet L'Ormarine, Languedoc, France - Awe inspiring, juicy, dry and mouth-watering. £24.00
Albarino, Eidosela, Rias Baxias, Spain- Textbook example; lively, zesty stuff, bags of peach and pear fruit, great purity and lovely finish. £29.00
Sancerre Girad, Loire, France - Light, citrus-led, aromatic, minerally, long-flavoured example £36.00
Pouilly Fuisse, Domaine Romanin, Burgandy, France - Big, tasty, full-bodied. £39.00

Red Wines

Brise de france, Merlot, Lamguedoc, France - Like super-soft claret laden with plums, damsons and cherries.
Sierra Grande, Cabernet, Central valley, Chile - Big, rounded, rich, ripe and blackcurranty. 
Murphy's Shiraz, Big Rivers, Australia - Soft smoky, fruity, mellow style of Shiraz.
Forge Mill Pintoage, Wester cape, S. Africe - Really excellent version. Tons wholesome red berry fruit. 
'Everyday' 58 Guineas Claret, Bordeaux, France - Light and fruity style Claret, its 'everyday title' is spot on.
Coilders block shiraz, Lanfhome creek, Australia - Big, full-bodied sytle. Sourced from old blocks of shiraz vines originally given to returning soilders in 1918
Rioja, Anzarea Reserva, Rioja, Spain - Super-smooth red, deliciously old, oaky and mature.  £25.00
Chianti Rufina Prunatelli, Tuscany, Italy - From NE of Florence, ripe, vibrant, cherry and plum fruit with a touch of vanilla spice too.  £26.00
Nieto Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina - Complex flavours of plums, figs, and dried fruit with a smoky vanilla character.  £28.00
Chateau Mayne Vieil, Fronsac, Bordeau, France - Pretty chunky, thick, old-fashioned full-bodied claret. £31.00
Hautes Cotes de Nuit by A.F. Gros 2009, Burgandy, frnace - Delicate, ephemeral, long-flavoured pinot noir.  £45.00

Fizz & Champagnes

'St Thomas' by Bobillard, Dizy, Champagne - Thierry Gobillard has produced a well-balanced blend of Chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier. Dry delicate and very, very drinkable.   £38.00
Cava Santa Monica, Penedes, Spain - Great zesty fizz with bright, crisp refreshing appley fruit.   £19.00
Prosecco Ca'Bolani Supmante, Veneto, Italy - Champagne-like sparkle with lots of ripe pear and citrus fruit. 

If a particular vintage or shipper is unavailable, a suitable alternative will be offered. All quality wines on this list have an alcohol content of between 8% and 17.5% by volume. All prices are inclusive of VAT at 20%. Download a copy of our sample wine menu here >