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Who's Who

The Royal Scots Club is managed overall by a group of Trustees who are responsible for keeping the Club going for time immemorial.

Brian Adair FRICS, became Chairman of Trustees in 1987 and continues in that role today. Whilst not a Royal Scot himself he has been instrumental in leading the Club through its last successful restoration and is very involved in the latest redevelopment project.

The other Trustees are as follows:- Major General Mark Strudwick,  Colonel Dick Mason, Lt. Colonel Robert Paterson, Robert White, Norman Soutar, Tony Jones, John Lloyd and Iain Johnstone.

Reporting to the Trustees, and responsible for the overall day to day operations of the Club is a Board of Directors. They are chaired by Shields Henderson. The other Directors are Lt Colonel Robert Paterson, Major John Dent, Brian Adair, Robert White, Peter Taylor and Mrs Mhairi Blythe.

Also reporting to the Trustees, and responsible for all aspects of membership of the club and for organising the members' social programme is the Club Committee. The Committee is chaired by John Lloyd and members of the committee are drawn from the Club membership. The current Committee is made up of the following:

Lt Col J Blythe, Maj J McClean, Ms Aline Ewan, Mrs Anne Ewing, Mr David Salton, Sqn Ldr Graeme Lyall and Mr Fred Lawson. 

Day to day contacts for any enquiries about the Club can be directed as follows: