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Evening News article - Bus job put pair on road to romance

26th October 2011

Heather and Archie Motion tied the knot here at The Club in April 2011, and the Evening News fell in love with their story! A link to the online article can be found here.

It’s quite common to find something on a bus – a forgotten shopping bag, loose coins, a newspaper.

But newlyweds Archie and Heather Motion found something else – each other.

Archie – who met Heather when they were both working as bus drivers for the Edinburgh Bus Tours – admits it took him a while to put the wheels of their romance in motion.

Craigmillar’s Archie, 33, was unaware that Heather, 26, nee McCourt, carried a torch for him as they steered tourists around the city, but something rang a bell as the season came to an end.

The pair tied the knot at St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church in George Street, before celebrating at the Royal Scots Club with family and friends.

Next stop was a honeymoon in New York and Mexico.

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