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Membership Costs

Membership Rates 2014/2015

 Annual SubscriptionJoining Fee
Ex-service (all services, regular or National Service) £100 /
All ranks of serving military personnel (tri-service) £100 /
Territorial Army / RNR / RAFAux £100 /
Town Member £225.00 £25.00
Town Member over 65 yrs old £140.00 £25.00
Town Member over 65 yrs old with 25 years service in the Club £110.00 /
Country Member £145.00 £25.00
Country Members over 65 yrs old £120.00 £25.00
Country Members over 65 yrs old with 25 yrs service in the Club £90.00 /
Spouse Member (husband, wife, partner of member) £100 /
Ladies Associate Member (sister, daughter, niece) £100 /
Ladies Lyceum £110 /
Overseas Member £110 £25.00
Life Member 10 x annual subscription  
Young Member (18 – 25yrs) £85.00
(cannot become a Life Member)

As our membership year runs from 1st July to 30th June, new members joining from October to December, will pay three quarters of the rate due, and those joining from January to May will be asked to subscribe up to the following year's July.
From January to March, an additional pro rata half year rate will be charged, and from April to May an additional quarter subscription will be charged.

For the £85.00/£90 subscriptions, there is an additional ½ year subscription if joining between January and April, to take you through to the following July. There is no quarter year pro rata rate for these categories as they are already greatly discounted rates of membership.
Anyone wishing to join in May will be held over until June, to start on 1st July at the year start, unless they need to join immediately.